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Bios are difficult for me. Attempting to fully describe oneself through a collection of sentences seems to do a real injustice to a person's true personality. But overall, I am just extremely grateful for all of my life experiences, the people I have met along the way and the stories I will one day tell my children. At any rate, here is hail-mary of a shot to tell you a little about me:

I travel, I tell stories, and I adventure. But most importantly, I live to make the most out of life. Through the lens of my camera, I seek to tell the stories that make us human. From tourist-caused animal abuse and exploitation in SE Asia to the hectic life of an American college student and to a brand's effort to connect with people, I aim to capture and tell stories that elicit a sense of community and relatability by bringing life to stories that inspire.

Through extensive travel, I realized the importance of seeing and experiencing places and cultures that differ from one's home. Human's from all backgrounds and cultures are fairly similar — we have many of the same drives and passions. And compassion is built when we forge connections with people from many walks of life. Through my photography, I aim to peel back barriers and give people the opportunity to learn about a life different than their own.

I have worked with clients including the Portland Trail Blazers, Moda Center/Rose Quarter, Linfield College, Water1st International, TED and many others. My work has also appeared in publications including The Oregonian and the Portland Tribune. I am available for hire both domestically and internationally.


Email: studio@liampickhardt.com

Phone: 541-977-7664

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