JAMS 485: Senior Capstone

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This project for JAMS 485, "Senior Capstone," was a semester-long project that demonstrated many of the skills I learned in courses I have taken throughout my college career at Linfield. I wrote an article and designed a booklet using my pictures and designs to produce a finished product that can be used to showcase my skills. Working with only one deadline, rather than small deadlines leading up to the project's completion forced me to improve on my time-management and project-management skills. For my project, I took an in-depth look a the tourist-caused elephant abuse and exploitation in Thailand, explain why it is happening and offer advice for how to end the abuse. This project forced me to use strong writing, design and photography skills, along with extensive use of several Adobe products, including Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign. 

JAMS 275: Information Gathering

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I completed this assignment for JAMS 275, "Information Gathering." For this class, I spent the entire semester researching my paper topic — public lands ownership. A semester's work of research resulted in over 100 pages of annotated bibliographies, interviews with experts and sit-ins at meetings about public lands, and then, this final, comprehensive, argumentative essay. My specific question was: Who should manage the public lands in the United States? Working on this essay taught me the importance of extreme professionalism in writing. I had to adhere to the AP Stylebook and spent ample time perfecting the grammatical characteristics of my paper. Looking back on my college classes, this one was by far the most beneficial class I have taken. The writing and research skills I learned help me every day and have equipped me with many of the skills necessary to excel in an array of work environments.

JAMS 343: Social Media, Theory and Practice

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This paper was written as part of my final project for JAMS 343, "Social Media Theory and Criticism." Identifying an organization that could benefit from social media, I developed a strategic social media plan for the Crook County Sheriff Search and Rescue. This assignment helped me learn to identify an issue and then actually act upon that by delivering implementable advice to a client. Using strategic communication skills learned in this course, I was able to showcase my literacy of social media and brand management. And using the social media theories I learned in this course, I was able to better understand the effect social media has on people and then use that knowledge to provide a meaningful strategy.  

JAMS 347: Principles of Public Relations

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I completed this assignment for JAMS 347, "Principles of Public Relations." Working with Superfit Productions, an event promotion company in Bend, Oregon, I built, completed and delivered this public relations plan to help Superfit create awareness of one of its new events. Included in this plan is a situation analysis, goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and a description of how the success of the public relations plan would be evaluated. This assignment helped me improve my skills working with a real client, along with providing me with a deeper understanding of the effects media has on both individuals and societies and how those play into public relations plans.

JAMS 370: Public Relations Writing

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I created this project for the class, JAMS 370: "Public Relations Writing." For this assignment, I identified an organization that could benefit from a large public relations campaign and developed a strategy for them. I worked with ElevateWire, a Bend, Oregon online baseball coaching and training service. Working with an actual client forced me to think critically about each decision I made and the reason for each strategy. I implemented media theories to help guide the plan. This project helped me improve on my project mam=nemgemnt skills, comprehension of media theories and skills working with and communicating with a client.

JAMS 321: Topics in Media Production

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For the class JAMS 321, "Topics in Media Production," I took a class focused on graphic design. For this assignment, I was tasked with meeting a client and developing a magazine for them. My client was a photographer that was looking to publish a magazine that highlights the work of photographers around the world while also offering advice to amateur photographers seeking ways to making a career out of their photography. This class helped me further my skills working with a client and creating usable and deliver content on a time-sensitive basis. My work in this class also helped me learn skills in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

JAMS 112: Electronic Media Practices

For Jams 112, "Electronic Media Practices," I created this video. My video was an advertisement for Sticky Bumps, a surf wax brand. Being new to video work, this course served as an introduction to the basics of video production. I learned how to further operate an array of camera styles and learned about film production. I aim to improve my video skills down the road, but this class offered me a chance to dabble in video production.

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